Running Head : Social Work Values

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Over the course of time there have been factions of organizations created to preserve the best interest of mankind. Primarily, those factions range from health relations to social enhancement. With regards social enhancement, one of the biggest factions dedicated to advancing human interest, is the social work profession. Briefly, the primary goal of the social work profession is to advance human well-being while helping meet the basic needs of humans. In addition, social workers engage in the particular needs of empowerment for people who are fragile, oppressed and subjected to poverty ("Code of Ethics (English and Spanish) - National …show more content…

Moreover, commitment and caring allows one to be passionate about the work they are doing. Most importantly, being accountable on behalf of your actions creates great character. Simply, accountability builds the discipline of adhering to your decisions and actions. Accountability shows the expectation one demands for their action.
In comparison to the core values on behalf of the NASW Code of Ethics, my core values represent the persona each social worker should have with regards to helping those in need. Specifically honesty compared to the NASW Code of Ethics means that a social worker should also have transparency. With regards to commitment, it compares to the core values because it is allows social workers to express dedication to helping clients. Caring compares to each of the standard core values because ultimately via all core values a culture of caring is being expressed. Following suite, accountability is important because social workers are relied on to fight the battle for victims who cannot fend for themselves. In that event, they most uphold their duty to help. In contrast, my core values fail to differ because my core values aim to advance the well-being of humans. Furthermore, if any value lack adhering to the core values of the code of ethics, one can conclude that those are not viable values.
Vignette #2
For the purpose of this paper, I chose vignette two to discuss. Primarily, this scenario has

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