Running Head : Youths And Gangs

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Youths and Gangs in School
Antoinette Harrison
Central Penn College

Abstract It is common and sagacious to have a look at the mental health, psychology, and educational concerns about our youth and children as they do pose distinct and separate problems that include truancy, bullying, dropouts from school, substance abuse, and gangs among other things. It is, however, not surprising that different policy makers and various professionals have established practices that tend to deal with these
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Besides the fact that it highlights primary concerns, the paper provides a sampling of different resources and references for all the interested parties and give way forward when it comes to the issue of youths and gangs in schools.
Background introduction Aside from our families, it is important to realize that the school is the first secular institution where our teens socialize in great depth. Not only do youths spend most of their time in school but until they reach an age where dropout and chronic truancy become a problem, all of them are usually enrolled actively in different school settings. The school, therefore, is always in a better position to influence the behavior of a young person (Brandt, Sidway, Dvorsky, & Weist, 2012). The school is usually responsible for proving successful instructions when it comes to social competencies and developing the youth 's beliefs and attitudes that are not favorable when it comes to the involvement with gangs or the growing of group behavior. It is only in schools where gang involvement may be reduced. Young individuals who are not really into the school system, those people who perform poorly in school, and those people who are not totally committed to their education are the more likely bunch of young people who tends to develop
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