Essay on Running and Over Training

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Even though some experts believe that excessive running is detrimental to the human body, and others believe any amount of running is one of the key components in most athletes, Still others believe that moderation between both extremes can benefit your sport.

Running may have a heavier toll on the body than any other sport, literally. With each stride, force of two to three times the bodies weight is hammered on the joint, muscles, and tendons.

How much running is “too much” running? is there too much of a good thing? There is and it is most commonly referred to as over-training. Over training is by definition the imbalance between training and recovery.the conceptual theory behind most “plateaued” and over-worked bodies, in the …show more content…

in hopes of answering this question Marathon runners take a strict and balanced level of training to build the body to an appropriate level of strength and endurance. If the athlete over-trains for a marathon, he or she may be doing more harm than good. meaning they may peak too early. the athlete is overall setting his or her body up for injury. The body requires rest and recovery for rebuilding, and resting muscles. The lack of rest leads to underperformance. This is why sleep is so beneficial, essential and important.

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In a well monitored training program, the body would have adequate sleep. The bodies nutrition would consist of carbohydrates, calories, adequate sugar and protein as well as electrolytes, to replace those, lost in sweat. The workout routine would prioritize muscles on certain days (arm day, legs day, chest day, back day) . The risk of injury would be decreased due to adequate stretching, and swimming. swimming allows for natural resistance, and is essential in recovery. This is because Swimming has no ground impact, unlike running. Swimming improves endurance, heart strength as well as lung function all together. Olympic swimmer Janet Evens insists running combined with swimming is a good way to “improve conditioning faster and stay uninjured.”

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