Rush Limbaugh Influence In The Mass Media

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In 1990’s, influence of conservative radio talk radios that increased dramatically. Rush Limbaugh and a number of charismatic white male talk show radio hosts rose to cultural prominence. He has done this by selling a brand of authoritarian, bellicose and verbally abusive white masculinity. So, Rush Limbaugh is basically against all races except white men. His masculinity has reached the reasons of history and identity politics which touched a nerve with a million of listeners. Guess who? Mostly white men. In the real world 21st century, white men unquestionably dominated in the family and workplace through the process of a long term decline. AM Talk radio or Fox News Channel don’t seek out new ideas about possibilities of democratic government in an increasingly diverse and connected world that is connected instead they are…show more content…
Even if they clean up the cruder rhetorical expressions of sexism and racism. It is still both their signature and fitting. Therefore, Rush Limbaugh is basically a white supremacist. He showed performances of a “black man persona” and sexist attitudes towards women. These 1960’s and 1970’s conservative talk radio’s basically aired the power supremacy. Limbaugh in the early 1990’s, is a right republic party has been an open secret but he has been the top-rated talk show host in America since the Talkers magazine started in 1991. He had a weekly estimate of 15 million people who were influenced by his racist and sexist attitudes so he has become America’s “Anchorman” slyly invoking associating with liberal politics (which he just lies to appeal to a wider audience). Women and black men are the exceptions on these conservative talk radios which are the basic power pyramid of the white men’s power and center stage for airing the pyramid scheme of cultural and political grievance towards conservative white
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