Company Overview: Google

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Google To understand how a firm competes with different firms, one must have a sound idea of what resource similarity and market commonality are. The way a company can compete with other markets through the intangible and tangible factors can be broken down into four quadrants as a source of identifying the factors amongst the rivals. Market commonality is basically the amalgamation of different markets that a firm and its rivals are somehow linked to. The degree of similarity of their interaction in the markets then gives the idea of how fierce the competition really is. (Hitt et al., 2013 p 138) Resource similarity is stated as how much similarity there is between the firm's and its rival's resource in relation to how much of the resource is available and the time of resource there is present. (Hitt et al., 2013 p 138) It is also noted that the business who have same resources and abilities also go on to have similar strongpoints and weak points. It is noted that the business that eventually have the same strength and weakness, the problems that they encounter would be similar as well. Thus, if they have the same problems, the strategy that they use to solve those problems would be similar as well. Companies that have matching resource similarity and market commonality are rendered to be at level 1 of competition. (Hitt et al., 2013 p 139) In simpler terms, this means that they have a fierce competition going on. In instances of a problem emerging in a firm, the
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