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Date: 9 March 2014 To: Ryanair Holdings, Plc From: Master Mind Consulting Subject: Overview issues of Ryanair management and the actions should be taken to overcome the problem. 1.0 Introduction Our group will be outlining the internal issues faced by Ryanair such as inappropriate advertisement published by Ryanair, poor customer service, inconvenience airport location, poor incentives system and management style of Ryanair. So we will discuss these issues and provide some of the recommendations/actions to overcome the problem. Moreover, we will also outline the external issues that faced by Ryanair and do further recommendations/actions to solve the problem. There are few external issues faced by Ryanair such as political…show more content…
Firstly, Ryanair could extend its ancillary product ranges to serve its passengers by not just constraint in providing related items. Ryanair could find more potential companies to supply the ancillary products other than the existing companies. By providing more choices of ancillary products to satisfy its customers would definitely increase its ancillary revenues. Besides that, Ryanair should adopt marketing strategy to attract passengers to purchase its ancillary products. Ryanair can provide price promotion by giving discounted prices for certain ancillary products in certain period in order to attract purchasers. Ryanair should improve its website design by giving its passenger a better ambience and enhance their experience when shop their ancillary products. 3.2 Improve customer service (refer to Appendix 2, Value Chain Analysis, Service) The perception of poor customer service about Ryanair from passengers and observers would definitely affect Ryanair’s reputation and image. So, Ryanair should make some changes to improve its customer services. Ryanair should provide adequate staff training for its employees so that its staffs are highly skills and competences to provide good customer services and better handle customer complaints. Ryanair can use its website to interact with its customers to handle their enquiries and problems. For example, Ryanair can provide online chat or forum for their customers. By improving customer services for customers, this

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