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S-Curve Insight into the Electric Automobile Industry
Many technological improvements have been made to vehicles to reduce their environmental impact. Some of these advances have been imposed by environmental legislation, others have been incentivized by commercial pressure to improve energy efficiency and limit our dependence on fossil fuel. Greening the transportation sector is thus important for meeting global emissions reduction targets. One innovative technology to achieve a green transportation sector is radically changing the design and components from fossil fuel based internal combustion cars to electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. This technology shift will lead to emergence of new technologies that
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This race was accelerated by the new proposed model of better place for battery swapping. The new Leaf the first EV vehicle is schedule to be released in December 2010.
While companies raced for dominating the electric vehicle technology, they realized that this market is highly shaped by many external factors. As result, companies like Toyota decided to take incremental steps toward electrification through the introduction of the first hybrid electric vehicle Prius in 2004. Prius was well received by customers and gave Toyota an edge over its competitors. The Prius however used an old battery technology based on Nickel Cadmium NiCa. General Motors later developed a better battery that uses the lithium ion technology (with the help of A123 company) in its first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle the Chevy Volt which is expected to be official launched by the end 2010.
External Factors Controlling the EV markets
Electric vehicle market is highly shaped by the external factors controlling this market. Some of the major external factors impeding the diffusion of EV to markets are: 1- Incompetent battery technology 2- Carbon intensive grid electricity 3- Immature renewable energy techology 4- Safety Issues – (for example cars with lithium ion batteries are not allowed to be shipped by air) 5- Long battery charging hours ( in the US 6 hours, in EU
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