SAF Resonds with Transformations to Higher Expectations and a Tech-Savy Generation

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The SAF is undergoing 3rd Generation Army learning transformations, where the learning environment needs to respond to the high rise in expectation of the new tech-savvy generation in the SAF. The new generation cadets are increasingly exposed to the latest technology and new complex learning methods in school and the society. In order to engage and train these new batches of cadets, an efficient and effective pedagogical approach has to be developed to facilitate the upcoming learning transformation and to support active learning among the cadets. Traditional methods of teaching are slowly being replaced with the integration of new mobile technologies to develop the cadets’ capacity and ability to learn beyond pedagogical …show more content…

In the second part of the training, the cadets will be having hands-on session where they will be practicing with their peers. Practical was carried out to allow the cadets to practice on what they had learned during the lecture. The cadets had to pay close attention on what the instructor was doing before they start on their hands-on session. As the cadets do not have much prior knowledge in the usage of tools other than the demonstration provide by them during the lecture they attended earlier, they are unable to perform as effectively.

The existing reference materials for the students are printed in hardcopy and cadets need to spend time searching for the relevant reference. Some reference shows only still pictures and most of the notes given are in black and white. These information does not really help the cadets much in understanding the procedure to be done for each basic first aid.

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In order to trigger the interest of the cadets in learning and to be able for them to practice and learn on their own before attending the class, flipped classroom practice was suggested. In this case, the cadets will be studying on the courseware created before attending the class and instructors will be offering more personal guidance and interaction with the cadets instead of having long hours of lectures. After the lesson, cadets will require to do feedback on the stuff that they had learned through online forum. With the

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