SUBS Subcommittee: A Case Study

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Why do you want to be a part of the SUBS subcommittee? (in under 1000 characters)

Membership of the SUBS subcommittee would enable me to be involved and contribute to student life, engage with and develop friendships with like minded student colleagues, develop my passion for business and expand my exposure to the corporate world. I enjoy working in a collaborative team based environment and believe being part of the SUBS team will be a highly rewarding and challenging experience. I also believe being part of a subcommittee would allow me to expand my skills set and grow intellectually by being exposed to new ideas and collaborating with peers. I am excited by the boundless opportunities SUBS offers to be involved in university life and am …show more content…

I am self-motivated, value constructive feedback and am willing to take on responsibility. Additionally, I have developed strong leadership and teamwork skills through roles such as peer support leader and prefect during high school, as well as surf lifesaving spinal management captain. I have strong written and verbal communication skills, and am reliable and trustworthy. I am receptive to taking on board different opinions and am able to maintain confidentiality. If chosen to be part of the SUBS team I would strive to demonstrate leadership through taking responsibility, being proactive, showing initiative and working collaboratively.
Do you have any applicable skills or background experience in the portfolio you are applying for? If yes, please list. (e.g. For Marketing Design subcommittee, you can list that you are Photoshop proficient)

Publications – I am currently employed as a state ranking HSC English and Business Studies tutor. This has allowed me to refine my written and verbal communications skills. As a private tutor I enjoy building relationships with students and consistently seek advice and feedback to improve my skills as a tutor. I would love to aid the publications team in providing advice to university students as I have greatly benefitted myself from reading the first years guide that was published this

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