SWOT Analysis Of Neptune Gourmet Seafood

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I think introducing a mass-market product line is not a right decision for the company and for the betterment of coming future days. Hargrove who is a marketing director of $820 million Neptune Gourmet Seafood, it is a North America third-largest Seafood industry. This company has been in this high-end business for 40 years with a premium image and reputation of the high-qualified supply in a Seafood industry. Recently facing a hurdle due to the excess inventory. The company going must change some of the improvement such as geographic market environment, and equipment issue. To improve the issue, the management of this company by recommending on decreasing the price of the supplement or to keep in clearance. I do think if they choose on …show more content…

There are some other suggestion which I thought would be better for this company to considers and take actions for their excess inventory.
Some suggestion for the company, I would recommend the company to focused in high-end strategy. On the other hand, to bring the company in bigger market environment than only operating in North America. The reason to focused on high-end strategy is allow the company to provide with a high-end product with a different size packing. If we supply the company with a small and large size packaging, then it attracts our buyers because they have more opportunities. With a various packaging size, we are not only focusing on specific number of customers, but we can focus on lower-wage families who cannot afford to buy. Various packaging size means the change in price, so it will not let the customers to doubt because small size meaning the price will obviously cheaper than the large size packaging. That’s why we keep our brand name and loyalty to our customers.
The geographic is very important in business, as we are dealing with a seafood. If this company not only targeted in North America. I would recommend the company to target in larger market. It is hard steps for the company to process because new environment meaning new competitors, new customers and will take to get a customer’s loyalty towards the brand. If we come up with a company which they already

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