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Simplify Software as a Service (SaaS) Integration

By Simon Peel
December 2008

Fuelled by a fiercely competitive business environment that requires the pace of business and technology to accelerate, companies need to adapt to change faster, and their IT departments must deliver innovative technology solutions rapidly and at a lower cost. As a result, companies are adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to address these challenges, in particular for reducing costs of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

SaaS CRM solutions are an attractive alternative to traditional on-premise complex CRM applications because they allow organizations to rapidly meet the changing needs of the business. They
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If this doesn’t happen, they get frustrated. Although these applications are simple to see immediate results, their integration with other systems in a company is critical to realizing the full value they offer. Integration: The Last Barrier to SaaS

As the success of SaaS CRM solutions grow, what was once a department-level strategy to reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of sales teams, may now face hurdles when growing to support enterprise wide scale. Users now require access to critical systems throughout the organization and may have a plethora of existing applications, including other on-demand applications in addition to on premise systems which they must integrate with on a daily basis. The result is that integration becomes more critical to the continued success and adoption of such a solution.

Since SaaS applications offer the same benefits to all customers, any advantages gained at one company are just as easily available to its competitors. SaaS applications by themselves provide little differentiation unless they are integrated with highly customized back-end applications that are core to a company’s operations. Retaining this differentiation and making the enormous quantity of corporate data available to the newer, more cost-effective SaaS systems brings the issue of application integration to the forefront. This is especially important
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