Safeguarding: Abuse and Local Children Services

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3.3 Evaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice can be reported whilst ensuring that whistleblowers and those whose practice or behaviour is being questioned are protected.
In any child care setting, staff or volunteers can cover anything that affects the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person. For example: a manager has a good relationship with a family whose child attends the nursery. Several members of staff have reported the abuse of neglect to the manager concerning the child. The manager brushes the issue off and replies “I’ve known the family for years; they would never neglect the child”. The neglect continues and the child has become isolated from the children as their clothing has a strange smell. The practioner
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Parents who let children see exploitation of others will emotional effect the child and cause problems for the outlook for them. Signs and symptoms: * Being withdrawn * Indirect use of language to the child; bad language, tormented, teased. * Witnessing inappropriate behaviour; drug taking, domestic violence, drinking.
Sexual Abuse: forcing a child to do something sexual unwillingly. This is a physical sexual act that child are oblivious to, and not realise what is going on. Children do not have to physically have contact with a person sexually to underline sexual abuse; a child forced to watch or see sexual nature or persuade a child to act unsuitable. Signs and symptoms: * Fear of a particular person * Familiarity of sexual words or behaviour
Neglect: parents who cannot meet a child’s basic daily needs such as; hygiene, hunger, clothing and shelter. This can cause the child’s health to worsen and for their development to suffer. The child can also be left with people who cannot properly care for them. Signs and symptoms: * Clothing is dirty and has a stench smell. * Inappropriately dressed for weather conditions * Being left alone at home or unsupervised
4.2 Describe the actions to take if a child or young person alleges harm or abuse in line with policies and procedures of own
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