Safety Of Using Seeking Arrangement

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Safety of using Seeking Arrangement Grey Areas It is common that arrangement websites connecting sugar babies to sugar daddies and mamas are vague, allowing for potential harm towards its users. As claimed on, “everything is on your own terms: (). The site connects users together but does not take responsibility for any consequential action beyond signing up. Users are free to negotiate the prices and activites on their own terms. However, since there are more female sugar babies than male sugar daddies, the latter party tends to wield more power in the negotiation process. It is usually the tendency for sugar babies to begin negotiations with a strong sense of choice and moral code, but then waver as negotiations continue and the need for income becomes more imminent (). The site claims that arrangement resulting in sex are “a bonus”, implying that sexual activities are negotiable and not necessary (). However, in practicality, this statement bears no merit because it is generally understood by all parties that any and all conversation, negotiation and interaction will be of sexual nature or advance in sexual nature. Despite the fact that the site claims to filter out individuals who are using it for the sole purpose of sex, there are no regulations in place that ensures the safety of these young adults. Although encourages users to report sexual offenders, the most drastic of actions taken is the mere deactivation of accounts.
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