Saints Perpetua Research Paper

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Saints Perpetua and Saints Felicity
Saints Perpetua, Saint Felicity along with several others showed bravery a courageousness when they refused to renounce their faith as Christians during the reign of Emperor Diocletian in Rome sometime between 202-203 A.D. During this time, Christianity was not a recognized religion, therefore, it was illegal and anyone who was found practising Christianity was sentenced to death if they did not abide by the accustomed religion practised. Many of Romans practiced polytheism which is the worshiping of multiple deities, which are usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Because Christians believed in one God, numerous were persecuted for their faith. The Christian martyrs no the other hand did not care that they were sentenced to death, in fact, they believed that by dying for what they believed in would bring them honour and put them one step closer to their God where he was waiting to welcome them into the Gates of Heaven. According to “Martyrdom viewed as a second baptism, a baptism in blood, was seen as an instant guarantee of a place in heaven at Christ’s right hand, and of the forgiveness of all sins.” To the martyrs, there was nothing more
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Though most of the members were murdered by breasts and both Perpetua and Felicity were both beheaded, they were praised and admitted by fellow Christians. Their steadfast and refused to renounce their faith. On the day of their execution, the martyrs left their prison joyfully, giving prays and thanks to their Heaven Father as though they knew they were on their way to heaven to meet him. The Martyrdom gave future Christians hope and even helped to strengthen their faith as they read the words of Perpetua knowing what challenges they faced but still pressed forward. Today, they are still recognized, and stories are told of them. They are often referred to as Saints in churches for their
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