Sales Manager and a Finance Manager

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INTRODUCTION Purpose of Report and Intended Audience The purpose of this report is to evaluate the everyday job requirements, prerequisites, and benefits of a sales manager and a finance manager. Also, the work environment and growth of the each industry will be analyzed. Background Currently attending Santa Fe Community College for the past year, will be earning his Associative Arts degree at the end of spring semester in 2008. After graduating from Santa Fe Community College he will be transferring to the University of Florida in the summer of 2008 to double major in Financial Management and Business Management. This report is intended for Professor Gail Ellyson, who is an English professor at Santa Fe Community College.…show more content…
Some fields that have a Sales Manager include retail, wholesale, and manufacturing trade, insurance and finance, car dealerships and management consulting firms (ACT, DISC, 2006-07). Possibilities for advancement into higher level management can be accelerated by time on the job, ability, leadership and continued education as well as certification programs can increase the rate at which you are promoted in the business that you choose to work (USDOL, BLS, 2006-07a). Strengths/Interests Required. Strengths that are required in Sales Management are important. One must be a good leader and be able to manage people successfully (ACT, DISC, 2006-07). It is important that the manager have good people skills and be able to communicate effectively (USDOL, OOH, 2006-07). As a Sales Manager, one must know how to sell, whether it is a good or a service, being a good salesman is very important. Having computer skills is very necessary this day and age because of the rapid growth of technology and how it simplifies processes that used to be quite time consuming and difficult. Being able to speak the language of your customers clearly is very important as well as some knowledge of mathematics (USDOL,BLS, 2006-07a). Good time management skills are a must as well if one is to succeed in becoming a great sales manager. Finance
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