The Roles Of A Sales Manager Essay

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What is the one thing that all for-profit companies have in common? They must generate sales of their products or services to survive. In order to accomplish this, most companies have a team of sales representatives driving themselves and each other to win the confidence of clients. But just like every sports team needs a coach, every sales team needs a strong and knowledgeable Sales Manager to be successful. The primary responsibility of a sales manager is to direct the sales team. A sales manager serves as a guiding hand for the sales team; outlining staff training programs, developing strategies, and pushing team members to reach short-term and long-term goals (“Sales Manager” U.S. News). To be a successful sales manager, you’re going to need basic leadership skills. Good communication skills, an open-mind, creativity and determination, are just a few of the important skills necessary when it comes to managing your team. The role of a sales manager requires more than just knowing how to supervise, you need to be able to brainstorm ideas and grow with an ever-changing market.
Another crucial part of managing a sales team is to continually recruit and train new staff. New talent is a great way to generate fresh ideas; you never want your sales team to become stale. Sales Managers are always establishing sales programs and advising their team on ways they can improve their performance (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Sales managers are not always the manager of just one sales

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