Same Sex Parenting And Parents

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This paper discusses same-sex parenting and some of the situations they have experienced. I will be discussing how this same sex pair handles family life, their demographics in relation to class material and Family Systems Theory as well as personal and professional application in their situation. There are a number of same sex parents in society today. Same sex families are no different from other families, but there are a few unique challenges that occasionally arise. Same sex parents still have a very effective style of parenting. I can see how a child’s success still comes from the quality of the parent-child relationships.
It is difficult to attain a precise count of same-sex parent families in the United States today. I believe this is due to many same sex families are not open about their sexual orientation or family situation. The partners in my interview have been in a relationship for ten years. They have a single child that is a ten-year-old boy. They developed a relationship when the mother was four months pregnant. The mother is thirty-eight years old, and the partner is thirty-five. This relationship was the mother’s and partner’s second serious relationship.

Relation to Class Material:
This topic will discuss three subjects that I learned in class that relate to my interview questions and answers. The first subject discussed is the transition to parenthood, becoming a parent. This family is unique because the mother was going through…
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