Sample Iep Plan And Identifying 3 Components Of An Iep

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1. Take a look at the sample IEP Plan and identify 3 components of an IEP. The Student Performance Profile indicates and contains information that was gathered during Step 1: Prereferral was initiated. Initial Concern demonstrated by the accurate data that was collected, namely “Morgan’s inappropriate behavior of self-injury, hitting or biting others, and repeating questions she is asked.” The exhaustive Testing which Morgan underwent reflects that fact that Step 2: Referral was implemented. The report identifies her strengths and the areas where she is falling behind demonstrated by the scores on the various tests in which she has participated. Step 3: Assessment is demonstrated by the following: “Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule” reflects an indication that she has “symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of Autistic Disorder.” Since the IEP Development Team consists of all the right members, from the parents to an OT, along with the thorough nature of the report, indicates that all steps were properly followed, including Transition Services and on-going evaluation. Choose one and discuss why that component is important to the child 's Plan. Step 4 is critical as determining eligibility will affect Morgan’s opportunity to improve. If she was not granted eligibility due to her disorder, she may have failed as a student and faced a far more difficult future both during her education, and as she completes school while transitioning into adulthood. 2. How does
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