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Chapter 3 3.0 Methodology This methodology section of the research report describes how the study will be conducted and the methods used to collect and analyse the data. The overall aim of this methodology section is to provide an overview on the methods employed so that a judgment can be made as to how appropriate they are and how valid the data that has been generated is. Throughout the methodology process, it is imperative to remember the question this research is aiming to answer for: Has the Recession been a significant factor in bringing about change in the recruitment process within the public sector? Introduction The recession has affected many HR Processes and new strategies must be developed in order to adapt to the …show more content…

Firstly, in interpretivism, there is no notion of a factual reality, but rather a situation that is created and interpreted by people (Denscombe, 2002). This means that any research conducted into social research will automatically shape the results found (Denscombe, 2002). Interpretivism has evolved from studies trying to understand how people make sense of the world around them (Bryman, 2004). This research methodology engages in an Interpretivism approach so therefore to a major extent rejects the basic assumptions made by positivism. A summary of the main differences between positivism and interpretivism can be found in table 3.1 Positivism | Interpretivism | The patterns and regularities in the social world exist independently of whether they are recognised by people | Social reality is subjective | The research tools have no effect on the thing being observed | Humans react to the knowledge that they are being studied | The researcher is expected to remain impartial in order to obtain objective results | It is impossible to gain objective knowledge about social phenomena | Table 3.1 Summary of Positivism versus Interpretivism (Denscombe, 2002) 1.2.5 Inductive versus Deductive Approaches(归纳与演绎) The deduction approach begins from the proposal of the theory and ends when the evidence is collected in order to prove the theory either true or

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