Sampling And Data Collection Plan

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Sampling and Data Collection Plan Business Research Project Part Patricia Tyler, Cynthrea Font, Jacob Moorer, Abner Segovia QNT/561 September 28, 2015 Professor: Dr. Luis R. Mora Sampling and Data Collection Plan Introduction This paper outline the sampling and data collection procedure used to test MTD Flower’s by Mail hypothesis. The MTD Flower’s by Mail hypotheses are: H0: Implementing TQM with MTD Flower’s vendors (IV) will improve customer satisfaction (DV). HA: Implementing TQM with MTD Flower’s vendors (IV) will not improve customer satisfaction (DV). Research Question Implementing TQM could help people have a better customer service satisfaction. Now that people are more connected than ever to technology more and more people are doing their shopping on line. We want to know if people would rather shop for flowers in the store or would they order on line if the customer satisfaction and prices were better. TQM can help better the customer service satisfaction and continue to make it better. After research information it seems that the focus would be on customer satisfaction and how easy it is for the on line ordering process. Will the flowers arrive on time and will they look as good as the picture on the website. Target Population and a Brief Reasoning A targeted group would be a group in which a researcher wishes to draw conclusions from. From research MTD has learned the importance of customer service satisfaction and marketing budgets for success in

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