Samsung Galaxy Note7 Case Study

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Samsung owns the market right now. Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. They also sell all kinds of other products. Their focus is of course on their Android smartphone/tablet/wearables business. Samsung grew at an incredible rate over the years to become what it is now. They outsell even Apple when it comes to smartphone/tablet sales. The company pivots and produces quickly, coming out with a variety of devices. It sees what the market responds to, pushes successes, and kills failures. And now, rather than just providing a cheaper and lesser iPhone, it 's differentiated itself with larger screens, different features, successful marketing, and delivering what consumers want. The Note is a perfect example. The company found through market research that Asian-language speakers wanted a device that they could hand-write on, because drawing characters is easier with a pen. The result was a combination phone/tablet ("phablet") that 's been an unexpected hit. However, there was some setbacks this year with the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Samsung produced the Galaxy Note 7 in August expecting to deliver a smartphone that could take on and take down the iPhone 7. Before long, unfortunately, buyers reported that the device was heating up and for some, exploding. Samsung is blaming the malfunction on a manufacturing problem with batteries at one of its suppliers. In September, Samsung began a recall and reproduced its second-run Galaxy

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