Sathnam Sangheera In A Bubble

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1. In the text “In a Bubble,” Sathnam Sangheera tells us about his family’s, and particularly his mother’s, reaction to his choices in life.

First, describe his choices and his family’s, particularly his mother’s, reaction to them.
Sathnam an Indian guy that has a white girlfriend, which is not so much appreciated by his mother. At one point his mother talks about this person called Ranjit who I suppose is Sathnam's brother comparing them and she obviously favors Ranjit. Talking about how he has an Indian wife, two children and how he helps the family business by staying in Wolverhampton. Sathnam on the other hand, living in London with a white girlfriend is probably doing the opposite of what his mother wants.
“Your white girlfriend is filthy and does not know how to look after you. ” is …show more content…

They bring up a few facts of supplements and they bring up different examples of people taking these supplements and it affected their bodies. But the main point of this text is that there are no shortcuts to change your body and the only thing that works is a persistent diet.

The third text, How food can improve your mental health shows the possible connection between your diet and your mental health. Emma who is 34 years old was suffering from anxiety, depression and mental health, but after meeting up with a doctor they changed her diet from fast foods and general poor eating habits to more fresh foods and less sugar. After this change she noticed an improvement in her mental health.

Secondly, about healthy and unhealthy eating, from having read/listened to the texts. You can e.g. write about the dos and don’ts about diets that we can discern from these texts.

If you would create the perfect diet based on the facts of these texts, it would probably be a diet based on fresh foods. I’ll break it up into two different parts, the things you should do and the things you should avoid.
The things to

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