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Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker

Product Quality and Process Quality
Product quality
“Quality is the measure of excellence or state of being free from deficiency, defects, and significant variations", (Nader, 2009).
Quality of a product can be mainly assessed from a manufacturer and a customer point of view.
From a customer point of view, product quality is perspective as each individual perceives quality differently. Ultimately, product quality is the capability of the product to fulfil customer expectations as required from the users.
Quality from a manufacturer’s perspective depends on company size, culture, financial resources, human resources, market pressures and company strategy.
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However, a cost benefit analysis is required to be carried out to determine if the extent of quality assurance and quality control is beneficial to the business.
The final inspection of the product is used for quality assurance as well.
There is a fine balance between quality and cost of any product. If the product maintains a higher than required quality and the cost is high due to this very requirement, demand will decrease. Therefore, quality should be maintained at a level where it is sustainable so that a the product can be cost effective to face a competitive market.
In the case study, Harris’s team experiments with different techniques to reduce the time required to prepare the chocolate at different stages of the process of chocolate making. It is clear that with the changes in the processes of chocolate production, the final quality was sometimes so much affected that the pioneers of the factory refused to endorse the change. This proves that there is an undeniable interaction between product quality and process quality.
However, the decision was made to make changes in the process only after so many trials, testing and tasting.
This demonstrates that,
In order to make a good quality product a series of quality processes are required.
To maintain quality process a series of quality control systems are required.
In a process quality control scheme the sequence of the steps

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