School And College Similarities

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School and college are both requirements in life for a job. School and college has many similarities and many differences. When you attend a college you are entering adulthood. When you attend a college you have to learn to adapt to adulthood and school is the first step to get you to where you are wanting to go.
The similarities between school and college are that in school you are required to take what are called “core classes”, these classes include a history class, a science class, a mathematics class, and a language arts class, you are also required to take these classes in college. Your classes at school are also scheduled at certain times of the day like college. Both college and school prepare you for a job or a career. Without a …show more content…

Just like school you are required to stay as long as your degree or career path requires.
The differences between school and college are that you are officially entering adulthood to where you cannot rely on your parents to get you to school or your classes on time. It becomes your responsibility to show up to your college classes and if you do not it is your responsibility to make up the class material that you missed. In school if you missed a day they will usually call your parents, but in college it is your responsibility to show up to your classes. Other than taking only your core classes in school, in college you have you have the option to take courses based on what your career in life will be, to set you up for the future and help you be better prepared for your career path. Unlike school you have the option in college in college to have dorms that the college provides with a payment you can live on campus which would cut down the cost to travel to the school/ college you are attending. In college you have less restrictions and more freedom unlike a typical school. In school you are required to show up a certain amount of days, there are usually dress codes st in place, tardies exist, and stricter rules on behavior are enforced for all students attending the school, and if you go against these rules there are consequences. In college you are most likely away from your parents care and

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