School Classrooms Growing Up, Ethnicity, And Languages

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In my school classrooms growing up, the demographics were not very diverse. We had around 98% White children and 2% Black/African American children. All of the children at my school spoke English and very few spoke a different language at home. The demographics of my field site are very different. In my field site, there are children that speak English as a second language. Some of the languages these students speak are, Mondrian Chinese, Russian and Hindi. There are also different ethnic and/or cultural backgrounds including Asian, India and Eastern European . Potential advantages that my children have at my site are that they are in an environment where a diverse set of children are. By having these children in the classroom, the other …show more content…

I think that if you are privileged that is an advantage of something that you may have that is beneficial, and it may be something that other people do not have. By definition, the word ‘Privileged” is described as, “having special rights or advantages that most people do not have” (Privileged). Someone can be described as a privileged when you know information about other places. You are disadvantaged when there is something that you do not have, that might have helped you. By definition, the word, “Disadvantage” is described as, “lacking the things (such as money and education) that are considered necessary for an equal position in society” (Disadvantage). When I was a child in elementary school, there was not the technology that they have now. As a child, this meant I spent more time outdoors playing, instead of children now who just play on their tablets. As a student, we did not have smart boards in the classroom until I was in middle school. Also in school, I never remember having classes based outdoors, I usually had class indoors and we did many worksheets to help us learn the material. I felt privileged as a student when I had transportation to/from school every day. As a child, I felt privileged when I was able to participate in many different extra-activities. The four different sites I chose was Goddard School, Head Start, Childtime, and Kid’s Country. At the Goddard school, in the

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