Explain How The Ethos, Aims And Values

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3 UNDERSTAND SCHOOL ETHOS, MISSION, AIMS AND VALUES 3.1 EXPLAIN HOW THE ETHOS, MISSION, AIMS AND VALUES OF A SHOOL MAY BE REFLECTED IN WORKING PRACTICES. First I will explain what each of the above means as follows: ETHOS This is the school’s values and beliefs …how it feels. It is usually based on a philosophy or atmosphere of the school. MISSION This is the school’s overall intention, as set out by the Head Teacher. It is often equivalent to a motto and should be short, simple and easy to remember. AIMS This is usually found in the prospectus or school literature. The Head Teacher will usually set it. VALUES They are based on the school’s moral code, which will inform its development. …show more content…

the social services and the health authority. There are five basic outcomes and these are: * Improve the well-being for young children and reduce inequalities * Ensure there is sufficient childcare to enable parents to work * Provide information to parents about childcare * Ensure that local childcare providers are trained * Introduce the Early Years Foundation Stage for the under 5’s * Reform the regulation

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