School Is A Waste Considering Education Is Mandatory

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While sitting in the middle of class, you notice that one student who continuously raises their hand to answer the teacher’s questions. The student responds perfectly to the questions and shows consistent effort. Also, when assignments are passed back, you can hear a proud “Good Job!” proclaim from the teacher’s lips. Behind that student sits another child who lays there trying to stay awake. This student is always startled and has trouble with following directions. Also, when their assignments are given back, you usually hear the teacher say, “See me after class.” Which student would you consider yourself to be? In your typical high-school environment, there are students that care about their education and students that have their mind in another place. The differences between motivated and unmotivated students, specifically regarding actions, goals, and development, exemplify the idea that putting forth no effort in school is a waste considering education is mandatory. In high school, there are ambitious students that are willing to do anything they can in order to be successful in life. These students submit assignments on time, study hard to perform well on tests, and participate consistently. Also, these students manage to get all of their work done while participating in extra-curricular activities after school. These activities can be very tiring after a long day, especially since because these students usually participate in more than one. Some may call these

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