School Library Media Centers

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There could be a more important evaluation system than these, however, because this evaluation can directly affect both teacher and student performance and as such, the overall rating of the school: the assessment of the school library media center. School libraries have been given a lofty order. According the U.S. Department of Education’s Evaluation and Selection of Learning Resources, it should be the library’s goal to “provide an instructional program and learning sources that promote the enjoyment of reading and enable learners to become critical and creative thinkers as well as effective users of information in all formats”. To reach this mandate, library media specialists should maintain both a formative and summative evaluation system that details not only how the materials and resources in the library are fulfilling the needs of their particular district, but also how the librarian is utilizing their unique role within the school culture to promote curriculum development and support. School library media centers vary across the country and even across school districts. No school library is identical to another, nor are a single districts libraries needs the same across the board. For example, an elementary level library has very different needs and expectations from a high…
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