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“My school requires a uniform that is very costly. We must wear the same jacket, shirt, tie, pants, and shoes as each other everyday. Which is a very expensive uniform that a lot of kids in my school cannot afford. Students show up smelling badly because we can’t purchase more than one or two of these expensive uniforms. Even I will catch myself wearing the same shirt for 2 or 3 days in a row because I don’t have enough shirts to wear a new one everyday.” (Ryan, New Zealand) Not only are these uniforms expensive but they are also being looked down upon by many other students as well for things like uncomfortable attire, and diminishing individuality. So why do so many schools require school uniforms? TODAY, reports that in 2010, 19 percent of all public schools reported to enforcing school uniforms. This is up by 12 percent since the years before. But only about 22 percent of students like their school uniforms according to a study in Baltimore. School uniforms are not something students enjoy wearing, Students report that uniforms take away their individuality which makes them not want to go to school. “We learn from a young age that life would be boring if we all dressed the same way. Dress and appearance are a way of expressing oneself” says Deseret News claiming school uniforms should not be enforced in public schools.
In addition to uniforms taking away individuality they also are uncomfortable and “send a bad message” a student by the name of Olivia reports “School uniforms are uncomfortable and they are ugly. But not just that, I hate them because girls in my school feel like people need to be taught that our bodies aren’t distractions, and that they need to learn respect. I feel uncomfortable in my uniform and I don’t even see a difference in bullying or grades and stuff more than I did in my old school without a uniform. Uniforms are something that almost nobody in my school wants” (Boggs) School uniforms are also causing disruption with students comfort iin school. Although students and administrators can get past how stylish their uniform is, can we get past students comfort in their clothing? Students should be comfortable physically and mentally in school. If students are uncomfortable in hot,

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