Schooling And Education

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There are several ways someone could define education. Learning, in general, is such a broad topic. To me, education does not only mean teaching students in a traditional classroom following general education requirements but including education about how to live and excel in the world outside of the classroom. It takes several individuals with different experiences to educate someone. Educating someone does not always have to take place in a traditional classroom setting. For some students, some of the best education takes place where you would least expect it. Working with children, in any capacity, requires you to do some variety of educating. This does not always mean teaching them basic math or reading, but how to be a successful human being that knows how to care for themselves and others around them. The purpose of education is to change the lives of several individuals by giving them new opportunities in and out of the classroom. Education also means to prepare students for the world after high school. This could mean several concepts, such as college, technical schooling, or job force. Education does not stop after we have completed our years of attending a traditional school setting, because we never stop learning. When I think about schooling and education, I think of two different ideas. One of the main purposes of schooling in today’s society is to have students pass standardized testing and earn a spot in top colleges. Schooling is more focused on

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