Science And Science In John Wesson's The Science Of Soccer

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Science is everywhere. John Wesson has proved that to many through his famous book, The Science of Soccer. This book links both soccer and science together. Throughout this story the simple idea of soccer will turn into a more complex version of science. Wesson teaches the readers about how something so simple, like a ball bouncing, can relate to the more in depth laws of physics. While reading this book one can learn what soccer really is, how science is described, and how science and soccer are related. A common question in many young minds is, “What is soccer?”. In the words of Wesson, “Soccer’s superiority derives from two sources, variety and continuity. At each point in the game the players are faced with a wide range of options - take the ball past the opponent on this side or that, to pass - short or long, low or high, to shoot - or to lay the ball off - and to whom” (Wesson 85). Soccer is a physical and mental sport. It is played with your feet, however, it is the mind that does most of the hard work. It is also a team sport. It consists of dribbling, passing, kicking, and much more. Sometimes there will be a bounce that must be trapped, and others there will be moves needed to blow by a defender. The game varies. For instance, the book also reads, “The ball is kicked in a variety of ways according to the circumstances. For a slow accurate pass the ball is pushed with the flat inside face of the foot. For a hard shot the toes are dipped and the ball is struck
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