Scientific Research Article Review : Building Better Batteries?

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Armand, Michel, and J-M. Tarascon. "Building Better Batteries." Nature, vol. 451, no. 7179, (2008): 652-657. This article discusses how researchers must find a sustainable way of providing better batteries to match modern lifestyle changes in our present day. The main claim in this article is that researchers need to build a new battery and it must focus on being cheap and safe. This first reason they provide is lithium ion batteries need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Through research, they found out lithium ion batteries are not the best option for electric cars. They provide another reason, through scientific lab experiments, that alternatives to the lithium battery need to be explored. Through these lab experiments, the metals …show more content…

With this article, I plan to provide solutions for making the battery better by car industries and government funding further research. This source works in conjunction with my other source, “How Improved Batteries Will Make Electric Car Vehicles Competitive”, and provides similar reasons as to why the electric car battery needs to be improved. I plan to find more articles on ways to promote future research towards batteries. Brand, Stephan, et al. "Hybrid and Electric Low-Noise Cars Cause an Increase in Traffic Accidents Involving Vulnerable Road Users in Urban Areas." International Journal of Injury Control & Safety Promotion, vol. 20, no. 4, Dec. 2013, pp. 339-341. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/17457300.2012.733714. This article discusses how electric and hybrid cars cause an increase in the amount of traffic accidents in urban areas. The main claim is that if more hybrid and electrics are produced, the more traffic accidents will occur. To make this argument, they provided two reasons. The first reason is cars with engines that produce no sound leads to more accidents. To support this reason, they found out through car testing that sound coming from the engine is produced when cars travel at high speeds. These sounds serve as warning signals to those who are crossing the street, like pedestrians and bicyclists. The second reason is that older people and children are endangered. To support this reason, they provided data and surveys with

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