Screaming Forest Essay

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Oscar and Alphonse Alphonse was walking in the mysterious forest with her friend Oscar. It was their first time in the forest. They had heard rumors about Screaming Forest. They were dared by Kelly to go to the forest. Kelly was one of the meaner girls at Alphonse’s school. Hannah is one of the “special needs” children. She has ADHD which basically urges her to move her hands or something else constantly. She uses stress balls to fidget with. She is shorter than everyone in her class. Kelly took notice of this. “Give it back! Give it back!” Hannah cried as Kelly took her stress ball. “Really, you think I would take orders from a puny person like you? Ugh!” Kelly said. “I will not take orders, but I will help.” said Alphonse right behind …show more content…

I will not let Kelly win!She has bullied too many people and this will be the end of her asinine reign!” She scooped two caterpillars in the jar with some grass and sticks included. “We can go now Oscar.” “What is happening, Alphonse?” “It looks like the forest path is changing. It’s shifting.” “Help! Help!” both of them screamed for help. It was too late. They were already in a different place in the forest. They heard others very faintly screaming for help. Were they trapped in some sort of weird-forest jail? Would they ever get out of this situation? “Alphonse, I just realized something.” “What, Oscar?” “You are a little bit taller than Kelly so you could have just taken the stress ball from Kelly’s hand. We did not have to go through this mess.” “Oh. Well, this was all for nothing.” Alphonse puts the jar down. They are returned to the fence where they came from. “Whoa.” both of them are surprised. “Hold it again, Alphonse.” She touched it and they went back to the distorted world. She removed her hand and they returned to the gate. “Alphonse, take out the the things in the jar and see what happens.” She did as told and held the caterpillar in the palm of her hand. The caterpillars softly wriggled in her hand spelling out “goodbye.” She knew it was time to send them back. She placed the caterpillars on the ground and turned to Oscar. “We can go now, Oscar. I do not need to take things from this forest. We do not need to

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