Screen-Based Behavior

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As technology becomes more and more integrated with our everyday lives, many people are beginning to notice addictive behavior towards the internet, computers, cellphones, and gaming consoles. In the article, “Screen-based behavior in school-aged children with long-term illness” Daniela Husarova, Andrea Madarasova Geckova, Lukas Blinka, Anna Sevcikova, Jitse P van Dijk, and Sijmen A. Reijneveld, discuss a research study to determine the relationship between excessive screen based behavior and the presence of chronic conditions in children. Husarova et al. identify the overuse of technology as an issue among school aged children. They design a study to analyze how students with long term illness, asthma, and learning disabilities were affected…show more content…
define screen based activities as “watching TV, playing computer games, and working with a computer”. Each participant was asked three questions: “How many hours a day do you spend watching television… on a screen?”, “How many hours a day, in your free time, do you spend playing computer games…?”, and “How many hours a day do you spend using electronic devices such as computers, tablets (like Ipad), or smartphones…?”. With these questions, the researchers divided the children into two sections. One category contained children who spent less than 2 hours a day on technology and the other contained kids who spent more than that every day. The latter is considered to spend excessive time on the internet and technology in general. It was found that more than half of the children tested spend more than the recommended amount of time using technology. The questionnaire furthermore asked each participant to rate (on a scale of very often, often, rarely, never) how often they experienced the following: “inability to eat or sleep because of the internet”, uncomfortableness due to being unable to access the internet, surfing the internet even if they are not having fun, picking the internet over family, friends school, or other hobbies. If they answered very often or often to any of the questions, they were considered to be affected by the overuse of…show more content…
They concluded that, while children with asthma and learning disabilities were more likely to overuse the internet, and other technologies, for the most part there was no difference between the severity of the symptoms experienced by children with conditions and their non-condition having peers. In other words, children experienced the same symptoms, at the same degree, weather they had a condition or
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