Sears Self Questions

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1) What is Sears trying to accomplish with the introduction of the Elf program? The purpose of introducing the Elf program is to improve customer service by providing extra attention and service, which recreates the shopping experience. By assisting their customers with personal sales experts, Sears can have more access to identify their customer preferences and tastes, and at the same time allows their customers to enjoy more convenience and freedom assisting the customers with personalized service to deal with holiday shopping hassle. By introducing the Elf, Sears is able to reduce the intimidating environment of a department store: size, assortment, and traffic during holiday season, and turn consumers to explore the convenience…show more content…
Besides, the company needs to pay an attractive amount of salary as to reward the extra hours Elves earn during the busy holidays. Some of them may sacrifice a lot of personal hours just for planning a shopping list for a single customer. Therefore, in order to provide exceptional service and high quality like Ritz-Carlton, Sears has to take time to conduct customer interviews about their preference and taste. They must be patient with the most valuable customers (people who buy the most). Therefore, Sears will probably lose regular customers who may not necessary need a personal shopper due to the loss of valuable resource by taken away the best sales associates. 4) Does the Elf program represent a competitive advantage? How? Think about the articles above, as well. Are those establishments able to differentiate themselves based on service? Be specific. What is the risk of using solely service as a point of differentiation? What suggestions do you have to safeguard against those risks? 5) How likely is the Elf program to succeed? What metrics would you use to monitor the Elf program and evaluate its success? 6) Do you think success of a customer service based strategy is dependent on whether the target is more affluent like a Ritz Carlton or a bit more down scale in a mid tiered retailer like Sears? Will it be more successful in the higher end vs in
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