Security Issues And Models For Privacy

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Survey of various security issues and models for privacy in social networks, which addresses with the security of the user who are part of information. Background and Motivation: To tackle most of the privacy network problems, almost all the social network sites have provided various privacy and security options to the user, but these options do not deal the privacy and security of persons who are part of that information. For example: A group pic being posted by Harry may contain pic of Ron, Hermione etc. While uploading, the Social Networking Sites only takes care about the privacy options of Alice and not of others. So, by this survey, we are motivated to search and explore various security models in privacy network that deals with this …show more content…

Summarizing some good techniques, models and mechanisms with emphasizing on their strength and weakness along with their results. Results: While doing the survey of the various security models, privacy mechanisms and other kind of security model which deals with the security and privacy of users who are part of information being shared, we have came across few really nice and promising models. In this section, we are summarizing these methods one by one: - Patronus: Augmented Privacy Protection for Resource Publication in Online Social Networks[SR1] With the popularity of on-line social networks and the wide spread of smart phones, it is becoming more and more frequent and convenient for individuals to share resources, such as status, texts, photos, videos, and so on, with their friends over online social networks. Since online resources might involve several users at the same time, it is not enough to protect the privacy of users with the simple group-based access control model (GBAC), which only regards privacy requirements of the resource owner. In order to provide augmented privacy protection for resource publication in on-line social networks, this paper proposes the concept of resource involvers and a new access model named Patronus[SR1], in which, the privacy requirements of the resource owner and its corresponding involvers are both taken into considerations. Patronus employs a

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