Security Manager is Essestial to Today's Organizations Essay

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A security manager position is one of the most important jobs that you will find in any organization today. Recent events over the past few decades, have called for more re-amped security measures and procedures throughout facilities. The demand for this position was not the same as it was, twenty or thirty years ago. However, not every company operates on the same level and the position of a security manager may differ from company to company.
The main objective of the job is to oversee the security operations for that company. Security managers are in place to develop and enforce security policies to ensure a safe environment for both employees and visitors. While looking over those two aspects, they ensure the overall safety of the building as well. Security managers have key responsibilities, which are vital to the daily operations of that organization.
To identify the different responsibilities that security managers have in different organizations, we can look at the key roles of a security manager that works for the Transportation Security Administration or (TSA). Each role the security manager does, is crucial and is vital to protecting the security needs of their organization in their respective fields. A security manager that works at TSA, in charge of security operations day to day at the airport terminal. Security Managers perform many different tasks and functions. They are in charge of supervisors and transportation security officers that work at the airport.…