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Becoming more self-aware is a process. After reading about the Johari Window and other techniques for conceptualizing self-awareness, I believe I have more tools with which to improve myself. The Johari Window suggests that there will always be some things that remain hidden from consciousness. These are things that can unfold themselves over time, moving into other "panes" of the window. However, as I learn and grow as a person the "unknown" pane will fill up with new things. Ideally, I will become a more self-ware person and constantly challenge myself to explore the unknown parts of myself. Techniques like meditation can help improve self-awareness. So, too, can fun writing and brainstorming exercises. For example, Activity 1, "Susie's Game" in the first Power Point asks questions like "If I were a car I'd be"¦" and "If I were a celebrity I'd be"¦" These exercises can explore the parts of ourselves that we show to the world, as well as those parts that we want to fulfill. If I were a car, I would probably be a hybrid or electric car because I care about the environment and am progressive in my thinking. If I were a celebrity I would be a rock star, because I love loud music. If I were an animal I would be a cat because they are intelligent and when they know what they want, they go out and get it. If I were a place, I would be London because it is a multicultural city that has a long past and a hopeful future. If I had a million pounds I would invest it wisely so that
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