Self Care

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As we continue to take more difficult classes in pursuit of becoming nurses, it is easy to forget about self-care. In an effort to prevent burn out, our group has integrated the practices of exercise and meditation into our daily schedules. In the following, we discuss how both mediation and exercise worked and didn’t work for us, what we learned while on this journey, and how we applied our learning to teach someone the skills and knowledge we obtained in meditation and exercise. Countless research and studies have been conducted to explore the benefits of meditation and exercise in relation to people’s well-being. Dimeo, Thomas, Raabe-Menseen, Propper & Mathias (2004) studied the effects of exercise and relaxation on various…show more content…
Some members learned that adding more obligations to an already congested schedule increases their level of stress. Other members learned they had limited patience for trying new things despite an activity’s potential beneficial effects. Lastly, some felt that because self-care in this assignment was mandatory, it associated negativity rather than positivity in an activity that should elicit feelings associated with individual freedom and fun. The candidate is a forty-three year old female who has recently lost seventy-five pounds and wants to maintain a healthy weight. She does not practice any self-care therapies and instead smokes. Teaching and learning strategies utilized between the teacher and learner helped the client change her attitude about exercise, educate her about how exercise could change her life and helped her adopt a new behavior that would benefit her exponentially. The teaching and learning principles included channels such as visual instructions, demonstrations and side-by-side routines. For example, the teacher would ask the client to assume a plank position for one full minute. The teacher demonstrated and the receiver provided feedback through speech and action ensuring her understanding of the instructions given. The client communicated her intrapersonal variables to the sender by expressing her concern regarding the level of exertion and that
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