Self-Concept and Academic Performance

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The Philippines ranks a poor seventh among the nine South East Asian countries in terms of education. One of the measures Academic performance is a way wherein a person excels in terms of school requirements, tasks, awards and achievements. Academic performance was measured in society in many ways (Frias, 2000).

Self-concept is ubiquitous and an integral part of any learning situation. It plays an inevitable part of both outcome and condition of learning whether the teacher is aiming for it or not. It is likewise believed that an adequate understanding of the casual role of self-concept is essential in gaining a clearer insight into an individual learning process (Burns, 1989). From this statement, one can make an
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He said that there is no relationship existing between the two. There is a need to have a deeper and clearer understanding regarding the relationship of the two variables because it can help in lessening the numerous amount of the out-of-school youth in the country if proven that there is an existing relationship. The study will be conducted in Cavite State University (CvSU) in Indang, Cavite.This is the chosen campus because it offers Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in biology. The university has its humble beginning in 1906 as the Indang Intermediate School with the American “Thomasites” as the first teachers. Several transformations in the name of the school took place. In 1918 – Indang Farm School, in 1927 – Indang Rural High School and then to Don Severino National Agricultural School in 1958. The name Don Severino is in honor of Don Severino delas Alas who was then the Secretary of Interior in the Aguinaldo revolutionary government. Don Severino donated a tract of land for use as field laboratory by the School. In 1964, the school was converted into a State College and became known as Don Severino Agricultural College (DSAC). In the beginning, the only program offering was baccalaureate degree in agriculture including the teacher-training program in agricultural education. In 1992, major program units such as Arts and Sciences,
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