Self-Disclosure In A Relationship Analysis

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Self-disclosure within a romantic relationship signifies a strong bond between the individuals involved. However, allowing your romantic partner into your innermost thoughts can have both positively and negatively affect the relationship. Many times when a relationship begins both parties focus on the similarities they have in common and while one person may not enjoy the activity they will still attempt to have a good time. For example, when my wife and I started dating I took her to play paintball, while she participated she did not have the same feelings for the game as I did.
As our fondness of each other grew we began disclosing more of our inner thoughts, which grew our relationship from like a love. While we were similar in some physical actives, discussing our goals and aspirations along with our failures and fears we began to realize that we both had very similar end goals. During 10 years of marriage we have sat down and discussed other self-disclosures and revisions to our plans in order to stay on the same page.
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When discussing sensitive aspects in a relationship one must use tact. Just to clarify, tact is sensitively discussing or dealing with difficult issues. When immersed in this sharing situation, one must realize that both parties are vulnerable to having their feelings hurt, especially if the item being discussed is a dislike or include negative thoughts about the actions of the other person. Many times men (including myself) are unaware, blurting out exactly what they want to say without taking into account the feelings of their partner. This could lead to the other person being upset and ultimately end an otherwise perfect
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