Self-Re-Transformational Theory: Who Is An Effective Leader?

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Going across many studies and theories about leadership, we do believe that most of them are commonly agreed by most people, as they are based on several studies by different people in different locations, and many are having similar understanding and/or continue each other.
In my point of view, as much as leadership understanding is still a complex, and as it is currently becoming an important aspect for all organizations, we come to notice an important part of leadership which is still has not been studied properly or giving it an important attention, which is leadership verses enemies, and that might generate an additional way on knowing and understanding the leadership. Most leaders focus on raising followers and they pay less attention that without …show more content…

So behavioral theory clarified that employees can be influenced by leaders positively or negatively.
According to Bandura (1977) unethical leadership promotes unethical employees conduct.
As for my personal perspective, this theory gave me a task to start focusing more on my direct relation among my employees and generate an ethical environment within the team.
- Transformational theory: As it discusses how transformational leadership discuss and focusses on others, their needs and assists employees to reach their goals as a team.
As mentioned by Northouse, P.G. (2001) transformational leadership is process in which the leader engages others, builds trust and creates a connection that increases the motivation and morality in both the leader and the follower.
So this theory helps me to understand better that to succeed as a leader we need to start focusing better on team work and communication and gaining strong trust to achieve all our goals together.

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