Self Reflection

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Early in the education process in becoming a clinician, I learned that understanding my own values and morals as well as my own biases are important in order to clearly conceptualize a client. I found it important to be self-aware of how the developmental, cultural, and familial aspects of my own life impacted my skills as a clinician. Working with adults, I felt I was able to decipher from my own views that I carried from those of my clients. I was at ease understanding that our views may be different but neither one view was wrong. Engaging in psychotherapy with children demanded a different type of emotional strength in me than when doing therapy with adults. I felt that my strengths and weaknesses as a clinician shined through …show more content…

However, I repetitive would hear comments from others who viewed my experiences as not a fulfilled life because “I missed out”. Through this experience I had to learn self-acceptance with my own life and how it has positively shaped me to be who I am. Working with children, I have constantly been reminded by the notion that I should never take away a person’s ability to describe their own experiences or think something about their life is “not enough”. I feel this is a strength for me as a clinician because I allow these children to tell their own stories. Landreth discussed how children do not evaluate others based off of their lives, but instead they accept others as being enough. As a clinician, passing judgment on the parents was a weakness of mine at first. While I allowed their children to tell me their own stories, I unconsciously failed to do the same for their parents. I felt some of the solutions to their issues were easy fixes and if the parents would put more effort the children would do better. I quickly realized how off based I was in not realizing that these parents were doing “enough” and we needed to work around what these parents were able to give to their children. This was a great reminder for me of how freeing I felt once I self-accepted my own experiences in life. It taught me how to accept these families for where they were at instead of pushing them to a place

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