Selye On Stress

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Hans Selye started to use the term “stress” when he discovered that all of his patients looked sick and worn out. He concluded that all of them had something in common: they were all under physical stress. Selye did not stop when he provided convincing arguments that stress impacted health. Could it be psychological? Could it be stressful? John Mason, a physician, designed an experiment to test if psychological stress was equivalent physical stress. Either way hormone levels increased when put in a stressful situation. There was also a debate about whether people react the same way or react different. Eventually it came to be that there are common element that cause stress, however, people will react differently to the stressors. In my research, …show more content…

But what is pressure? Pressure is when a person is anxious or fearful. Usually when someone is under pressure it a “do-or-die “ moment. For instance, when a person goes for an interview they may be feeling under pressure to do well and get the job. Or in other words, anxious or scared to know if they will get the job. In contrast, A person may be stressed out about the interview because they don’t have a job and really need one in order to keep a roof over their head. In most cases, Pressure is the cause of stress and stress is the effect of pressure. On the other hand, too much stress in never good. Someone who experiences too much stress can have some serious health issues. For instance, Post-traumatic stress disorder is a very common stress disorder. PTSD develops in some people after a scary, dangerous, or shocking experience. The most common case of PTSD are those who have fought in combat. PTSD is a huge deal because people go to serve their country and come back a different person and scared of many things like fireworks, gunshots, guns, loud noises, and etc. People with PTSD will develop re-experiencing symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares, and frightening thoughts regularly. They will also have some avoidance symptoms, meaning they stay away from things that may remind them of their experience. For example, someone who constantly experiences nightmares will avoid going to sleep at night. Someone who has been sexually abused will avoid relationships. Too much stress is never good and can cause serious mental health issues if not dealt with right

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