Semester Goals Research Paper

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I hold myself to certain standards that align with corresponding goals. Each semester requires a whole new set of goals I require myself to attain. These goals allow me to reach the best version of myself and allow me to achieve more goals in the future. Giving myself these goals opens new doors and gets my priorities straight. Without these three main goals, my semester could be extremely stressful. My semester goals include passing all my classes with an “A” average, raising my ACT score, and deciding on a college to attend next fall. My first semester goal I would like to accomplish is to pass all my classes with an “A” average. I have managed to achieve this throughout my high school career and would love to maintain this till graduation. The classes I am enrolled in this semester are fairly easy, excluding Dual English 101. Dual English will be my toughest obstacle this semester. This class is more challenging because it is held at a college standard. Passing all my classes with an “A” average will also ensure my spot in clubs such as National Honors Society and BETA Club. This will also raise my grade point average which benefits myself in many different ways. Along with raising my grade point average, achieving this goal could potentially raise my class ranking. Along with passing all my classes with an “A” average, I would like to raise my …show more content…

Deciding on a college could take loads of stress off me and my parents. Eliminating certain colleges is the first step to achieving this goal. This would also allow me to go ahead and apply to insure my place at a university. Applying early could mean the difference of getting in or not at some schools. My parents and I would also have more time to figure out money arrangements and scholarships. Going ahead and getting accepted to college can allow me to really enjoy my last little bit of high school and living at home without much

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