Semi-Structured Interviews

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5) Methods and Ethics
The proposed research study will be semi-structured interviews. According to Bernard (1988) it is the best used method, when wanting to interview several interviewees to collect valuable data. Using this method gives a clear guide of instructions of the interview, it provides a reliable, comparable source of qualitative data, when starting to draw the findings together. Semi- structured interviews will be used because as the researcher, the purpose of the research is to gain an understanding of identifying ‘talent’ in males aged 18 and above. This will be done by interviewing just male scouts and coaches, and looking at their perceptions on what they believe ‘talent’ is. Bernard (1988) suggests the benefits of using semi-
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This is a form of qualitative data analysis, where it allows the researcher to understand a ‘diversity of social and public policy issues’ (Orosz et al., 1997). Using this method, will allow for an in depth and detailed analysis, and through the interview it can record the attitudes and feelings represented by the interviewee. This can happen when the participant is trying to answer one of my research questions, for example ‘as coaches or as a scout, articulate how you conceptualise male ‘talent’ and identifying football players with the potential to become a success at the latter age of 18 and above, can the athlete still make an impact?’. This can then help to expand the questions by simulating the coaches own individual experiences, and as a researcher using qualitative methods of research, it can benefit by opening up doors to why the coaches perception and experiences, can determine whether they can identify ‘talent’ which is up to their own…show more content…
Regarding to the dissertations ethics, it is a sensitive topic to be examining, as this study is a study that is interacting with its participant. As a researcher it is vital that when interviewing the coaches and scouts, that their names and personal information isn’t shared or talked about, when gathering the data after collecting it. Bootle et al (2012) suggests that semi- structured interviews have the chance of being sensitive to its participants, this can make interviews emotionally intense. So making sure the interviewee isn’t feeling pressured to answer the questions, a making sure allowing time for a concise answer to the questions being addressed.
Another issue could be the amount of access to data that the interviewee gives, it’s vital that an interviewer asks open questions as this gives the interviewee the opportunity to reveal more information about the topic than what they would when using closed questions, giving the potential to discover more than initially asked for. By using this method and approach the interviewee will hopefully feel less pressured to answering the specific questions that are set out, and the interview will come across as more conversational which may relax the
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