Seminar: Smartphone Review Essay

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Nowadays, Smartphone is one of the important things in our daily life, it allows user to check email and offer a complete internet experience. Besides that, Smart Phone is one device that takes care of your handheld computing and communication needs in a single, small package. In Malaysia, Samsung S3 and iPhone 5 have been introduced and became popular as compared to other smart phone. (“2012 Fendelman,” par.2)
The Samsung S3 is a smart phone developed by Samsung. The device was released in 28 European and Middle Eastern countries on 29 May 2012, before being progressively released in other major markets in June 2012, prior to release, 9 million pre-orders were placed by more than 100 carriers globally. Interestingly this Samsung S3 using the theme of the human sense of appropriate for those who are concerned with a simple but attractive style. Sales of Samsung S3 smartphone are getting overwhelming response from the fans of Samsung's own. (“2012,” par.1)
The iPhone 5 is a touch screen based smart phone developed by Apple Inc. It is the sixth generation of the iPhone, On July 30, 2012, the iPhone 5 would be unveiled and released, along with some accurate predictions of its features. Interestingly this iPhone 5 design to the public is more interesting and unusual than the previous iPhone. Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing said iPhone 5 is the most beautiful consumer device that we have ever created and many people…

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