Sensorial Education in Montessori

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Sensorial Education
Introduction to Sensorial
What is Sensorial Education?
Sensorial education can simply be defined as the training of senses of children for future learning.

What is Sensorial Work
Sensorial comes from the words sense or senses. It helps the child to be able to concentrate on the refinement of all his senses, from visual to stereognostic.

The Purpose of Sensorial Work
The purpose and aim of Sensorial work is for the child to acquire clear, conscious, information and to be able to then make classifications in his environment. Montessori believed that sensorial experiences began at birth. Through his senses, the child studies his environment. Through this study, the child then begins to understand his
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According to Maria Montessori in her The Discovery of the Child, “Although the sense of touch is spread throughout the surface of the body, the Exercises given to the children are limited to the tips of the fingers, and particularly, to those of the right h and.” This allows the child to really focus on what he is feeling, through a concentration of a small part of his body. This can be achieving using the following materials/exercises; 1. Sensitizing fingertips 2. Touch boards 3. Touch tablets 4. Fabrics

In the Baric sense Exercises, the child learns to feel the difference of pressure or weight of different objects. This sense is heightened through the use of a blindfold or of closing your eyes. This can be achieving with baric tablets exercise.

In the Thermic Sense Exercises, the child works to refine his sense of temperature. This can be achieving using the following materials/exercises; 1. Thermic bottles 2. Thermic tablets

In the Auditory Sense Exercises, the child discriminates between different sounds. In doing these different Exercises, the child will refine and make him more sensitive to the sounds in his environment. This can be achieving using the following materials/exercises; 1. Sound boxes 2. Montessori bells

In the Olfactory and Gustatory Sense Exercises, the child is given a key to his smelling and tasting sense respectively. Although not all smells or tastes are given to the child in these
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