Sensory Biology : How The Sensory System Of The Human Body

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Steven Ho
Bio Lab 132
Marian Wahl
Sensory Biology Introduction: sensory biology focuses on the sensory system consisting of sensory receptors that receives stimuli from internal and external environments, neural pathways conduct this information to the brain and parts of brain that processes this information. The information is called sensory information and it may or may not lead to conscious awareness. If it does, it can be called sensation. The purpose of this experiment was to conduct some experiments and observe the properties of sensory biology in the human body. Campbell, Reece; 2008; Biology text; eighth edition
Abstract: In this lab, I conducted many experiments to observe how the sensory system of the human body works and through those experiments, I have learned that there are different levels to how the human body reacts, feels and see things. The methods we used to complete this experiment was the adaptation of touches, which generally, the goal was to put a coin on the subject’s hand and record how long it takes for him to stop feeling the coin. We conducted this experiment in several location of the arm/hand. We also conducted the adaptation of temperature, which the subject was instructed to put both index fingers on room temperature and cold water for five minutes. After five minutes, the subject had to stick both fingers in medium temperature water for five minutes and after explain how the fingers adapted to from cold to hot temperatures. We

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