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SEPHORA A Brand Case Study Nikki Kerber PBDS 705 • November 21, 2011 Nikki Kerber • PBDS 705 • The Design/Business Link 1 History of SEPHORA: The Foundations of Modern Design Founded in late 1969 as Shop 8, Dominique Mondonnaud opened a speciality perfumery retail store in Franceʼs Haute Vienne region that was revolutionary for its time due to the way the store was operated and designed (”Sephora holdings s.a,” 2011, p. 1). While department stores heavily relied on the tried and true commission-based model to sell perfume and essential perfume oils, Dominique Mondonnaud set out to create an innovative and unique way to sell perfume and cologne. In 1979, Mondonnaud created a cutting-edge retail model that dramatically…show more content…
Sephora: The Brand As a brand, Sephora is the strongest competitor in the beauty industry. When individuals think of the Sephora brand the overall feeling is that Sephora is the leader in perfume, skin care, and cosmetics due to the way the company is marketed, advertised, and designed. When customers were polled on their overall feeling of the Sephora brand, nearly all customers replied that Sephora is modern, innovative, fun, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and trend-setting. These positive attributes echo what Dominique Mondonnaud set out to do from the beginning when he opened his first Shop 8 store. Building upon Mondonnaudʼs unique views, LVHM was able to further his vision and create the beauty empire Sephora is today. Without the ownership and support from LVHM, Sephora might not be the recognized leader in the industry today. Since Sephora is owned and operated out of France, which is the fashion capital of the world, and LVHM is owned and operated out of France, the Sephora brand is automatically granted a certain level of credibility in the beauty industry. Additionally, its credibility also stems from the knowledgeable sales associates and make-up artists who have undergone Sephoraʼs extensive proprietary training program called the “Science of Sephora.” This program was developed by Nikki Kerber • PBDS 705

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